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whattup babii

hey guys i have absolutely nothin ta do right now, so im just gonna update n letcha know whats been goin on with me lately.

yesterday i woke up at like 3 lol. i was so tired. so i took a shower n me n amber went ta go wash her car. after we washed her car we didnt have shit ta do so we went ta richards gas station, lol we got kicked out by his boss so then we came back ta hammie and went ta eat at maine street. we were comin from there n we ran inta sarah n anna driving around. they asked me if i wanted to go to the gratiot cruise n chill so i was like yeah. cuz we needed some bonding time lol, cuz us 3 didnt hang out together for a while cuz i was in my "everybody hates me" depression lol. so i met them at my house and i got my shit together and we headed off ta gratiot, we got there a little late, so we didnt get ta see shit, just the cops flying by, damn ive never seen so many cops at once lol. as anna says damn imagine gettin chased by all them cops lol. so after that we headed off ta the warren city carnival. it was so friggin gross and muddy n smelly we didnt stay there for more than 5 minutes. after we were driving outta the parking lot, we met steve. steve was a 22 year old chaldo who had a nice car lol. anna had an albo boyfriend and sarah got his number cuz he wanted ours n we were like uhm no lol. so after the carni we went ta eat at applebees n i stole this thing that sed "grab a rona" lol cuz me n anna have our corona obsession. after we went there we had nothing to do so we came home and went ta shpresa n veras house. they were wildin out cuz their parents were at a wedding lol. it was hilarious. holla holla HOLLERRR! me and anna kept runnin up n down the block n theres a night club at the corner of their street i was tryin ta HOLLER at the vallet buy but he wasnt havin any of it. i think he thought i was ugly lolz.. nah it dont matter he looked like a good boy lol. we chilled there for like 45 minutes or something and we headed back ta sarahs. we got in at like 12:15 or something and then anna being a big LOSER decided that she was hungry at 12:45 lol.. so what do we do? run through the alleys to wendys, almost got raped lol nah but it was scary, we almost got bit by rats n shit it was scary. then we get ta wendys, n u kno its only drive through at that time. so we go up ta the window n knock lmfao. then we saw richard so we went in his car. turns out that wendys had like no food at all lol. so we were drivin round with him n his nasty high cousin. we ended up going to the party store n gettin chips n shit. we ate a whole lot.. i mean it was like 9 bucks on junk food lolz.. so we came back, went online for a bit, watched not another teen movie, then fatty matty came home n took over the couch. so me and anna went in the room. we talked for like an hour, and went ta sleep. now im here. gotta take a shower, n then im gonna walk around or something with anna. yup yup thats about it..

loves <3
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