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[22 Jul 2004|01:07pm]
I'm going back to using this journal for now. It has so many memories in it. From love to heartbreak. Most of my entries are friends only so deal.. ;D
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[18 Dec 2003|08:15pm]
all of my old friends PLEASE add my new journal littlxbella

i miss all of you specially my rica and em ;[
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. . . [04 Sep 2003|06:59pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Geez I'm so sure you guyz are so enthused that I am writing again. School started Tuesday *we were lucky to have started that late* and it's actually not goint too bad. I have a pretty lazy schedule:

1st Senior Seminar
2nd Shakesphere - Creating Writing
3rd 3D Art
4th US History
5th Religion
6th Earth Science
7th Art

Most of my classes are blow offs. 6th hour is a 9th grade class. 2 Art classes my 1st n 5th hour the teachers are such push overs. The only serious classes I have are 2nd and 4th hour lol. I have almost all of my classes with Sarah (1st 4th 5th 6th 7th) which is great

Guys... I'm so in love <3

I'm sure all of you guys who have been with me for a while remember the famous Roger. Yeah you do0o0o! We'll he just recently moved away to college 9 HOURS AWAY and well now he has the net and we talk a lot. Well I finally told him I loved him and he told me he realized he fell in love with me a long time ago *082503 @ 118am* awesomeeee shytttt

I dyed my hair yesterday. I look like Barbie lmao. woo hoo *not*

yeah thats about it. oh and the fact that my parents are divorcing.. but we wont get into that

i missed all of you but i dunno when I'm gonna update next. Hopefully soon.
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.. stay a WHiLE maybe then you'll see a DiFFERENT side of me \\ [10 Jul 2003|01:07am]
[ mood | content ]

Geez, it's been long since I've last updated.

My surgery went fine, I went to the oral surgeon today to get this "packing" stuff outta my mouth. The doctor said everything looks good. I have this little chain type thingy attached to my tooth and I guess the dentist is gonna do something to bring it down and hopefully I will have my braces off soon. *ew I'm sucha loser* All I know is they better be off before October for SENIOR HOMECOMING. lol.

The 4th of July week was pretty good. I went to the Centerline Fireworks and saw some people I haven`t seen in a while. Some of them I was happy to see, while others.. Yeah I wasn`t. We went to Nationals after with Bryan and Sarah. God I`m so glad everythings good with my and Bryan. I saw David there and he`s like so fxckin hot lol.

On Thursday Chris from school came over. Ahh I love him he's so funny lol. I went over ta his house and we went swimming and just chilled. Anna was supposed ta come but she was sleeping lol. So yeah her lazy ass didn't get ta have fun lol. After that Chris drove me into Hammie and we went to Anna's. It was Chris, Bear, Matt and I. We watched some of Hannibal then Chris had ta leave cuz he had ta be home early cuz he had a game the next day. That nite my family did fireworks at Jane field so we watched them. It was cool.

Friday we went to the Clawson fireworks with my sister and her friends. It was kinda cool. LMAO I was standing by the port-a-potties waiting for Anna and Amber and this guy comes up to me, and he's not too bad looking. He just kinda stands there and I look at him and he goes to me LMAO "You like my new glasses?" and they looked JUST LIKE the ones Johnny Knoxville wears lol. He goes "They look kinda like the ones Johnny Knoxville wears or that guy from that 70's show" and I was like "You know what, I don't like the glasses, but they look ok on you" Turns out he's 18 his name is Rich and he gave me his digits, I just haven't called him lol. He was cute though. So we came back from the fireworks and once Midnight came me and Anna wished my sister a Happy Birthday and I put on fity cent lol in da club and I was singin it and making my own lyrics to it cuz imma LOSER

Friday night Chris wanted me to come over cuz his family was gonna do fireworks that his brother bought from Ohio. But yeah Amber MADE me go to La Shish for her birthday. but it was fun. The people who worked there sang Happy Birthday in Arabic and then all her friends sung it in Arabic, We all sang it in English and me and Kandice sang it in Polish lol. Then I rode home with Raffee, he's sucha hottie. He's 23 and he looks like Jay Hernandez. We talked the whole way home and he told me if he didn't know me he would think I was like 22 because I talk so intelligent and I'm intellectual, then he invited me to go to Cedar Ponit with him. It was weird, I dunno what he was getting at lol. He invited me back to his house to chill, but uhm yeah I passed lol. But I looked so cute. I had on a white knee length skirt and a pink shirt with my hair down and parted to the side and kinda flipped up. Raffee gave me the biggest hug when I got outta the car I was rollin. and Zack ahh he's so fxckin hott too lol. But uhm yeah.

These days I'm not doing much of anything. Sleepin a lot. I went ta Meagan's angelicmeg house Monday nite and stayed there. I missed them all so much. I run with Jenny lilserduszko every night. Nothing really new. I'm not talking to Eric at all anymore, and frankly I don't give a rat's ass. He thinks I'm a liar and I don't care. I really don't know why I'm bringing him up anywayz. I haven't spoke a word about him in like a couple months and whatever. Marcin is being nice to me again for some reason. First he gave me a hug, then he drove past my house and waved?! I dont get ittt.

Today I went ta the oral surgeon.. Yeah you know about that. Then I came home and slept till 4. Ate at 7, Showered at 8, then Ran at like 9 with Jenny. We saw Curtis so we drove with him a little. Then ran some and then we chilled on her porch. Yep thats about it

I'm done :D lol
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[29 Jun 2003|05:27pm]
is there anyone out there with the chart of all those pretty colors. i wanna do my aol profile and i had them before but i cant open it anymore =( if any of you lovelys do can ya send em to


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. . . d0t d0t d0t [22 Jun 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Just figured I'd let ya all know that tomorrow I'm having oral surgery.. UGH.. I'm so nervous. I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled plus have my gum cut, rolled up and a tooth brought down. The dentist says I'll be out for about a week which sucks because on Wednesday I was supposed to go to the fireworks. This means that I wont see Sarah, Anna, Jenny, Monika or Alfred! AHH I'm cut off from the most important people right now. My face around my mouth is going to be swollen and bruised. If I did decide to take my ass out ta the fireworks, I'd probably scare everyone that passed me. This is so very depressing. I'm done ;[
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whattup babii [15 Jun 2003|12:49pm]
[ mood | STINKY ]

hey guys i have absolutely nothin ta do right now, so im just gonna update n letcha know whats been goin on with me lately.

yesterday i woke up at like 3 lol. i was so tired. so i took a shower n me n amber went ta go wash her car. after we washed her car we didnt have shit ta do so we went ta richards gas station, lol we got kicked out by his boss so then we came back ta hammie and went ta eat at maine street. we were comin from there n we ran inta sarah n anna driving around. they asked me if i wanted to go to the gratiot cruise n chill so i was like yeah. cuz we needed some bonding time lol, cuz us 3 didnt hang out together for a while cuz i was in my "everybody hates me" depression lol. so i met them at my house and i got my shit together and we headed off ta gratiot, we got there a little late, so we didnt get ta see shit, just the cops flying by, damn ive never seen so many cops at once lol. as anna says damn imagine gettin chased by all them cops lol. so after that we headed off ta the warren city carnival. it was so friggin gross and muddy n smelly we didnt stay there for more than 5 minutes. after we were driving outta the parking lot, we met steve. steve was a 22 year old chaldo who had a nice car lol. anna had an albo boyfriend and sarah got his number cuz he wanted ours n we were like uhm no lol. so after the carni we went ta eat at applebees n i stole this thing that sed "grab a rona" lol cuz me n anna have our corona obsession. after we went there we had nothing to do so we came home and went ta shpresa n veras house. they were wildin out cuz their parents were at a wedding lol. it was hilarious. holla holla HOLLERRR! me and anna kept runnin up n down the block n theres a night club at the corner of their street i was tryin ta HOLLER at the vallet buy but he wasnt havin any of it. i think he thought i was ugly lolz.. nah it dont matter he looked like a good boy lol. we chilled there for like 45 minutes or something and we headed back ta sarahs. we got in at like 12:15 or something and then anna being a big LOSER decided that she was hungry at 12:45 lol.. so what do we do? run through the alleys to wendys, almost got raped lol nah but it was scary, we almost got bit by rats n shit it was scary. then we get ta wendys, n u kno its only drive through at that time. so we go up ta the window n knock lmfao. then we saw richard so we went in his car. turns out that wendys had like no food at all lol. so we were drivin round with him n his nasty high cousin. we ended up going to the party store n gettin chips n shit. we ate a whole lot.. i mean it was like 9 bucks on junk food lolz.. so we came back, went online for a bit, watched not another teen movie, then fatty matty came home n took over the couch. so me and anna went in the room. we talked for like an hour, and went ta sleep. now im here. gotta take a shower, n then im gonna walk around or something with anna. yup yup thats about it..

loves <3
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summer =D [07 Jun 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

As of Friday, June 06,2003 I am out of school for the summer. Good, I was starting to get real annoyed by these girls, who don't know me for shit, talking about me. People have nothing better to do than talk shit about a girl who they don't know anything about? Whatever though. I wont have to see them ughies for the whole fucking summer, how great is that. I heard that some wanted to fight, he they could have brought it right, but nah of course no one did. Too much drama at that school, so glad its my last year.

After school we went up ta Stoney Creek and had a picnic =]. Sarah, Vera, Anna, Shpresa, Waly, Brian, Steve, Syed, Lucia, Hannah, and *moi* were there. We barbequed and listened to music. Nothing big but it was so much fun. After that we came back to Hamtramck and chilled by Vera's for a while, got some ice cream. Then I went home and Anna came by, we went and walked to Jenny's and chilled there for a while. Arton came by and me and Anna stole his car and drove for a few. Then he came with us and we drove around for a couple hours. Sarah, Anna, Arton, Moundy, Tony and me went ta see *2 Fast 2 Furious. It was a good movie. Came home at about 2.

Today I came online and then Shpresa called me. She said that this one sophomore girl Kelly had some mean shit in her info, talking about me and ann my close girls, which isn't even cool at all. I talked shit about people in my info when I was a sophomore too, I guess its that age group. Shpresa told me that these girls supposidely have nothing against me but then why talk shit? Like this girl Laura, never did shit ta her, she never did shit ta me, but I hear she got somethin against me? Dunno, don't get it, but I aint no hater n I have nothin against her. Kelly, we were cool all through the school year and all of a sudden she dont like me? Whatever like I said I have nothin against her either. As long as you dont talk shit about me or my girls I'm straight. Oh well like I said I'm good the whole summer
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.. give up the GURDGE shut your FUKKIN mouth \\ [23 May 2003|07:04pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Sorry for my lack of updating. Barely anybody reads this bullshit anywayz. I'm only gonna update when I feel like something exciting happens or when I'm feeling down. I'm gonna try and comment everyday though.

Things with me and Eric are okay I suppose. We still don't talk as much as I wish we did. But hey I guess I could give more of an effort too. I don't wanna complain though lol.

I dunno if I'm likin this single thing. It's good sometimes but then I get all sad and depressed like a LOSER. But whatever relationships bring nothing but drama. I dunno why I feel the need to be in a relationship. Oh well..

Me and my sister are about ta go drive around.
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.. one more thing .. [12 May 2003|10:29pm]
does anyone know who sings that song it goes like

" i may be a loser but at least i`m not alone "

damn i love that song lol

and damnit the pistons are 2-2 but were gon make it 3-2 once we get back home.. fear the fro =)
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