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d0rkiee's Journal

♥ r a w r ♥
9 December

d0rkiee britt

     THE GiRL;  my name is brittney but most of the time everyone just calls me britt. i`m 16 and from hamtramck michigan which is a tiny lil city inside detroit. i`m a junior in high school at a small private school called st. clement. i transferred there this year because my school of 11 years closed. i try and be as athletic as possible but the only school sport that i play is volleyball. when i`m just chillin with friends i`m up ta any game ya wanna play.  YOU KNOW MY STYLE;  blonde hair . green eyes . 5'6 . tan . abercrombie . american eagle . aeropostale . tank tops . tube socks . short shorts . hoodies . visors . adidas . doc martins . flip flops . makeup.  GOTTA BE;  friendly . outgoing . bitchy . honest . sensitive . trusting . lazy . loving . caring . loud . hyper . determined . impatient . strong . happy . d0rky . spontaneous . daring . wild.    TURN ME ON;  lip gloss . anf . ae . aero . summer . clubs . dancing . singing . volleyball . disney . kisses . simple plan . cuddling . shopping . love . good charlotte . sleeping . roller coasters . josh hartnett . dogs . mashed potatoes . beaches . bracelets . movies . music . bowling.    TURN ME OFF;  spiders . heights . clowns . bitches . fake people . joqqers . stuck ups . sea food . racism . players . mountain dew . green . reeses . dishonesty . ignorance . backstabbers.    TiLL THE END;  i love my friends. they help me make it through each day. without them i would be nowhere. vendettas, __iridescent, kimieebabii, missixty, paperthinheart, sarah, vera, meagan, eric, monika, brad, greg, ariana, dave, bryan, roger, noelle, tegan, lucia, hannah, munafo, chris, andy, cantea, krysten, aj, jenny, dessi, jennifer, adam, lance, curtis .etc.    STATZ;  ♥ HOLLER atta PiMP! just got out of an almost 3 month relationship with eric. I kinda have a lotta feelings for someone i previously dated but he is currently dating someone, its been a year. we broke up almost a year ago and i havent felt for anyone the way i felt for him. just hope he realizez that before he leaves for college. ;[    THE JOURNAL;    my journal bounces back and forth from being friends only, to being public. i`m always looking for new lj friends so if ya wanna be added just comment and lemme know. most of the time i will add ya no questions asked. i`ve been recently having trouble keeping up with comments but i still try my hardest ta be the best friend i can be. ;x  DAiLY READS;  angelicmeg vendettas, kimieebabii, __iridescent, missixty, paperthinheart, luckyspunky + more ;D