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summer =D

As of Friday, June 06,2003 I am out of school for the summer. Good, I was starting to get real annoyed by these girls, who don't know me for shit, talking about me. People have nothing better to do than talk shit about a girl who they don't know anything about? Whatever though. I wont have to see them ughies for the whole fucking summer, how great is that. I heard that some wanted to fight, he they could have brought it right, but nah of course no one did. Too much drama at that school, so glad its my last year.

After school we went up ta Stoney Creek and had a picnic =]. Sarah, Vera, Anna, Shpresa, Waly, Brian, Steve, Syed, Lucia, Hannah, and *moi* were there. We barbequed and listened to music. Nothing big but it was so much fun. After that we came back to Hamtramck and chilled by Vera's for a while, got some ice cream. Then I went home and Anna came by, we went and walked to Jenny's and chilled there for a while. Arton came by and me and Anna stole his car and drove for a few. Then he came with us and we drove around for a couple hours. Sarah, Anna, Arton, Moundy, Tony and me went ta see *2 Fast 2 Furious. It was a good movie. Came home at about 2.

Today I came online and then Shpresa called me. She said that this one sophomore girl Kelly had some mean shit in her info, talking about me and ann my close girls, which isn't even cool at all. I talked shit about people in my info when I was a sophomore too, I guess its that age group. Shpresa told me that these girls supposidely have nothing against me but then why talk shit? Like this girl Laura, never did shit ta her, she never did shit ta me, but I hear she got somethin against me? Dunno, don't get it, but I aint no hater n I have nothin against her. Kelly, we were cool all through the school year and all of a sudden she dont like me? Whatever like I said I have nothin against her either. As long as you dont talk shit about me or my girls I'm straight. Oh well like I said I'm good the whole summer
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